Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another Great Year at the National Stationery Show

Pickett's Press booth at the 2013 National Stationery Show

A Year to Remember

We had a fabulous time at the 2013 National Stationery Show!  We are happy to announce that, with all our new retailer relationships, our albums will now be shown in many new cities and states.  So, if you’ve been yearning to go into a store to purchase our letterpress or digital stationery, check back soon for our announcement of new retailers.  
The first day was very busy and we spoke with a bunch of great new retailers across the country.  We are so grateful for the new stationery friends we’ve made and the time we spent learning what our peers have been up to for the last year.  Nearing the end of the show we were more than happy with how many new relationships we'd forged and the positive feedback we received.  We are so proud that our brand new engraved stationery and boxed notes were such a huge hit.
We are happy that our time at the show was so productive and we’re looking forward to next year. We’re now settled back into our 74th Street boutique after packing up our booth today.  We hope everyone will stay in touch through the year!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

So Proud of our New Baby… Album!

As Sweet as Summer

We’re excited to debut our wonderful new letterpress baby album featuring over 30 new designs! Sweet pastel accents, fun motifs and pops of color may make this our most fabulous baby album yet!

Teaser: It’s all Gorgeous

Our favorite piece features a festive hot air balloon motif in fiesta blue and fire red.  The bright hot air balloon design is perfect for a summer announcement or shower invitation, or if you’re looking for an announcement that’s elegant and completely custom our infant footprint design in pale pink or powder blue is just right for you.

Come Take a Look!

Schedule an appointment or drop by the Pickett’s Press 74th street boutique to take a peek at our new baby album.  We’ve carefully curated this album to compliment our existing baby collection and we think you’ll be thrilled with the results.  Hope to see you soon!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pickett's Press is Turning Five

A lot has changed since our founding in 2008, and we’re thrilled with our brand’s growth in the past five years.

Kate Pickett’s passion for drawing and beautiful paper began at a very young age.  Kate's childhood was filled with art because her mother was an art teacher and routines like writing pretty thank-you notes after each birthday party shaped her love for art and appreciation for fine papers. 
Kate earned her M.B.A from Harvard Business School, but always had her sights set on creating a successful stationery company that would offer the best quality, design and service available.  After the arrival of her three children, Kate started Pickett’s Press in 2008 with a breadth of expertise, enthusiasm and industry knowledge.

Pickett’s Press’ team of six is busy as ever providing fine stationery and gifts. In the years since our founding, Pickett’s Press has expanded our offering to include a digitally printed line and a wide variety of home and gift products. We’re also very excited to announce we’ll be debuting an engraved collection this year to add to our growing repertoire.
But don’t worry, all illustrations are still done in house by hand and all letterpress pieces are still pressed with care.  PP stationery and products are now offered online, at our New York City boutique and at select retailers across the US.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Check Out Pickett's Press Imprintables

Choosing Stationery Can Seem so Black and White...

Custom digital and letterpress invitations
Imprintables Note Cards
Have you ever felt limited by the available options when purchasing stationery? Typically only two options exist: 1. Order customized stationery and wait weeks for it to be completed or 2. Choose generic of-the-shelf stationery to save time. While basic stationery brings stunning simplicity and custom letterpress offers unparalleled elegance we're always striving for greater variety. We’ve finally paired the benefits of ease and customization, to make “Imprintables”.

What are Imprintables?  

 Imprintables are customizable in-store letterpress notes. You pick one of our basic letterpress motifs and customize it with the text, font and color of your choice. This finishing process is done digitally, in store!  Printing custom designs has never been so easy! Imprintables make wonderfully personalized hostess gifts or even a nice gift for yourself. We offer a great selection of motifs so whether you favor seashells or Scottish terriers you can have it your way!  The possibilities are endless and it’s all available in store!

Where are Imprintables Available?

Leta Austin Foster (LAF) in Palm Beach offers our full line of imprintables.  The wonderful staff of design experts will be happy to work with you to find the perfect notecard set for you! Visit LAF in Palm Beach to get your cute notecards for a party or hostess gift today!  If you're not in Palm Beach, sit tight for our launch of imprintables on our website and at retailers near you soon.