Friday, April 12, 2013

The Pickett's Press team goes to Vegas, baby! Imagine that...

No really, we attended the 2013 Imagine Magento eCommerce conference in Las Vegas.

Wynn Sunrise
Wynn sunrise
At Pickett's Press, we're committed to growing the eCommerce side of our business using a best-practices approach.  Our focus on quality design made this conference a no-brainer for us; we were thrilled to go.  
This conference was great for learning creative new ways to improve the usability, functionality and creative design of our website. We were treated to a wonderful set of speakers including the CEOs of Magento and Ebay; both of whom were great story tellers, to say the least!  We're very excited about the possibilities discussed at the conference, so don't be surprised if you start to see gradual improvements to our online presence in the near future.

Magento flowers
Of course we found time to relax a bit, have some tasty food and even enjoy the pool deck.  The weather was in the 70s and 80s during the trip and Pickett's Press sure did bask in the warmth and sun. Galavanting included visits to the Wynn, The Venetian, M Resort, Angela's and more! We crammed a lot of stuff into a short turnaround time, which has left the team a bit dazed but excited. This trip was the perfect mix of productivity and relaxation to give us fresh perspectives and motivation! Glad to be back on the East coast and to get back into the swing of things. The office calls!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We are Now Offering Engraved Stationery!

We’re excited to announce, the production process of our new engraved stationary collection is in progress.

Engraving Press 
Pickett’s Press will be debuting our premium engraving album at this year’s national stationery show.  This album will include custom baby announcements, social stationery, wedding and party invitations; all of which will be available in our showroom following the event, in late May.  We also have a collection of engraved boxed notes available now in our boutique.  Engraving is a wonderful addition to our growing product line, as it complements our existing premium letterpress and digital printing offerings.

What is engraving?
This printing process has long been noted as being one of the most exquisite ways to translate an image onto paper. The engraving process is an extremely elegant and noteworthy way to send a special message.  Engravings are entirely bespoke and each piece of paper is fed by hand through the machine. 

How is an engraving print made?
A unique copper plate is forged with the desired image or print.  This process is conducted with unmatched precision and care.  The plate is inserted into an early 20th century, engraving press to prepare for printmaking.  Each sheet paper is fed through the press by hand.  The press makes an impression by applying hundreds of pounds of pressure to the paper over the copper plate.  Ink is also applied during this pressurization process. The result is an ultimately elegant piece of print to share as an invitation, an announcement, professional correspondance or for any other occasion. 

Copper Plates
Gold Ink on Press
What paper is used?
Heavy cotton paper is typically used because the extreme amount of pressure applied during the pressing process would split and deteriorate most other paper types.

What ink is used?
The ink is completely opaque and quite thick. The nature of the ink lends itself well to the use of lighter color inks on dark paper without changing the color or hue of the print. Choosing multiple ink colors is possible with engraving prints.  A unique plate must be created for each color and the paper must be re-fed through the press to apply subsequent colors.  

A snapshot from behind the scenes: Kate Pickett, our fearless leader, was so delighted at the final product of our engraved correspondance cards she was compelled to pose with it.  Everyone at Pickett's Press is thrilled about this new addition to our catalog and we hope you're excited too!