Thursday, April 4, 2013

Map Out Your Wedding for All to See

Pickett's Press Custom Map Wedding Invitation 
Marriage is surely a journey that takes a lifetime. Let us not forget however that the wedding itself is a journey; emotionally, of course but also very literally the wedding proceedings usually sprawl over many days, times and locations.  The ladies at Well Wed Hamptons agree with us that this can get confusing for guests and we just won't stand for it. There must be a better way than to have people texting each other on your wedding day to clarify which building and on which street exactly the ceremony is happening- and there is!

Well Wed Hamptons is featuring our map
invitations in their fall publication.
We’re certain we’ve come up with the cutest way to provide geographic clarity for your guests. Our custom map invitations lay it all on the line; the where and when is beautifully displayed with a custom illustrated map of the wedding locations. Well Wed Hamptons magazine is highlighting these invitation sets in their flush of romance fall 2013 publication.  The Pickett's Press invitations are fabulously simple without skipping any of the essential details.  Imagine an illustration of the rehearsal dinner location with the streets and area leading to the ceremony venue all the way through the farewell brunch.  This is a perfect way to show off the timeline of your wedding events.

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